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  1. Sep 08th, 2021

    This is another free WordPress related posts plugin. It has many features that you expect from a best related posts plugin like thumbnail views, horizontal views with thumbnails, list views, built-in cache etc. It is very easy to use.

  2. Apr 05th, 2020

    Well, it is normal these days. It is similar to: you say something unique to someone and he goes around saying the same thing. You cant stop it right? The best way to tackle is have a strong marketing strategy. Be there before they do.

    If you find someone doing so, hit them harder with your marketing campaigns, brag about it so they stop copying you. But at the end, you dont have to bother yourself with it a lot. Just keep promoting your business.

    Also file a dmca content to google they will take care of it

  3. Google knows if someone copies your content. You don't have to care about it.

  4. Sep 14th, 2020

    the best way is to use DMCA, on your site. If you find anyone copying just send him an email first, else you can file DMCA and content will be taken down, first from google and then on-site.
    Another way is to add copy protection by disabling right-click
    disabling RSS feed

    but if you keep ranking the content, means optimizing and updating, then no issue of copied content, you need to worry.


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