What is the best Website niche to Target US audience?

Shashank Sharma

I was thinking to make a new website to target US Audience but I don't know which website/niche should i make. Although i am thinking to build an Trailer specific website which will have Latest/Upcoming Hollywood Trailer, Hollywood Gossip, articles. What you think any other idea?

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  1. Sep 26th, 2020

    Hey Shashank Sharma,

    That's a good idea of building trailer blog covering the best entertainment niche...

    Also travel/music is something you can also go for...

  2. 1. Music related micro niche blog:
    Yes, a lot of people from the US are interested in music so you choose a short micro niche on Guitar or piano or anything like that. That can bring more US traffic. (For example, if you try to find bass guitarists you will find a lot of people from tier 1 countries)

    2. Camping tips and campfire tips:
    As I have already told, they have enough money and space to follow their passion and hobby, they love to do camping. So you can write on what to do on camping. Some best places for camping. Best games to play while camping. What to do and what not to do while camping etc. This micro niche can bring the maximum amount of traffic from US.

    3. Travel niche (But short niche):
    People from US love to travel but do you know what is the topmost destination of the US people?
    It is Mexico. So you can start a micro niche website on traveling mexico. Tips and suggestions that’s all.

    4. Food Micro niche blog for US traffic:
    You can start a micro niche blog on a specific food. Like pancake or anything else that people from the US love to eat. You can write homemade recipe or health tips for that particular food.

    For more info checkout my post: https://eyeswift.com/best-micro-niche-blog-ideas-for-getting-us-traffic/


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