Should I buy Webhosting for New Website?

Shashank Sharma

I already have a Bluehost hosting but i am getting Hostiger Hosting at cheap rate of Rs 1200 for 1 year so i have to buy a domain worth Rs 600 so its better if i can get a webhosting for 1200 + i get a free Domain name with hosting? So what say?

Nov 21st, 2020 2 Replies 744 views +2

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Answers ( 2 )

  1. Nov 21st, 2020

    I would say stick to bluehost. I know domain is free for first year but renewal might cover up in next few years.

    In terms of review, bluehost is much better. So if its just a free domain, i think u need to reconsider...

    • Nov 21st, 2020

      Rahul Gupta Ya i might stick with bluehost only its only the cost that bothers while Hostinger giving its hosting service at Rs 5k for 4 long years while in bluehost i have to pay Rs 7k for 1 hear that mammoth difference in costing


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