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  1. Sep 12th, 2020

    1. We must keep it short but effective. Whatever we write should be apt and straight to the point.
    2. The content in our blog should be particularly apt to our topic.
    3. Don’t keep dragging on one particular thing and make it boring.
    4. Keep it in an interactive way- when you’re conveying your blog to others, they should feel that you are speaking to them directly, rather than just blandly putting lines where the reader is not getting inspired at all.
    5. Keyword density should be proper.
    6. Content should be covered with proper high and low level headings.

    If you a WordPress user, you must have use Yoast SEO plugin.

    These are the points which you should have keep in mind while writing a blog. I hope you will find this answer helpful. If so, show your support by following me and giving this answer a like.

    Cheers !


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