[HELP] Try the free responsive table plugin for WordPress

Justin Kumar

We have recently launched a new free WordPress table plugin called Tablesome - https://wordpress.org/plugins/tablesome/
Its a great plugin to easily create tables for your blog posts.
Need some early users who can install in on their WordPress blogs and give 5-star ratings.
You can also let me know what features you want for...

Jan 15th, 2021 1 Replies 3 views +1

What made you start blogging?

Rahul Gupta

Lets discuss how you started blogging and what made you stick to it??

What keeps you motivated when you drive no traffic or no earning?

Jan 12th, 2021 0 Replies 8 views +1

How to rank a blog site on Google.

Tachtunes Bd

I have a blog site. The site is Tachtunesbd.com. It's been almost 1 year since my site opened, but the site still doesn't rank on Google. I am posting a lot of good things on the site, but it is not working. Someone please If you know how to rank the site in Google.

Dec 28th, 2020 4 Replies 48 views +1

Should I buy Webhosting for New Website?

Shashank Sharma

I already have a Bluehost hosting but i am getting Hostiger Hosting at cheap rate of Rs 1200 for 1 year so i have to buy a domain worth Rs 600 so its better if i can get a webhosting for 1200 + i get a free Domain name with hosting? So what say?

Nov 21st, 2020 2 Replies 743 views +2

How can I make money with a low traffic blog?

Neena K

Most of the guest post websites want a lot of traffic for approving a website, providing guest posts. What are the options available for monetizing low traffic websites, blogs?

Oct 31st, 2020 4 Replies 753 views +1