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  1. Nov 23rd, 2020

    Domain Authority (DA)
    Domain Authority is a search engine ranking score (SERS) developed by SEO software company Moz, which estimates how well your website is working and provides a rating score from 1-100. Higher the score, higher is the ranking of your website in search engines and more organic traffic your website will get.

    Domain Authority or DA is a very important factor in SEO. Domain Authority is different for different websites. For beginners, the website gets rank between 10-20after for three months. Gradually, as the domain gets old, its DA increases.

    For a good domain authority, you should focus on getting higher DA than your competitors as domain authority is best used as a comparative metric.

    Domain Authority is completely different from page authority. Though Page Authority also works on the same metric and algorithm but page rank analyses and rank any individual webpage, whereas DA analyses the whole domain. Moreover, a good DA depends on the domain authority of the sites you are competing with.

    Your prime objective should not be achieving the highest score instead of getting a score higher than your competitors.

    Tips to improve the Domain Authority (DA) of a Website:
    Increasing the DA of your website or blog means that increasing the probability of getting a high rank on the search engines. It is challenging to increase the DA and obtain a good score. By following given points, you can improve the DA score of your website-

    1. Quality Link Building:
    It is one of the most important factors which will help you in increasing DA score. Audit your link profile and try to get as many backlinks. Also, try to get links from high-authority and quality websites as it is considered as a symbol of the trustworthy website. It will take a lot of time to increase your DA score if you are using links from low-quality websites.

    Moreover, a few free SEO tools such as SEMrush Backlink Checker, Moz's Link may help you strengthen your link profile by eliminating undesirable links.

    2. Don't forget to enhance the interlinking:
    As you know linking is creating hyperlinks in your page or post. Interlinking is linking your article to other articles of your websites, which is related to your current article. Interlinking helps the reader to click and be redirected to the other article of your website.

    Interlinking helps you to bring more organic traffic by increasing the number of page visits per user. It helps Google to crawl your website in a better way. Along with that, it increases the ranking of a particular keyword which will ultimately help you in increasing your domain authority.

    3. Create Engaging Content (Remember, Content is always the KING):
    Boosting website’s engagement is another way to improve domain authority. In order to attract more readers and organic traffic, you should post engaging and high-quality content.

    This will help you in engaging a loyal audience and in turn, rank your domain based on your content.

    4. Boost the Speed & Make sure Your Website Loads Fast:
    The speed of any website is also considered as one of the factors to get a higher rank on Google’s search engine page. Therefore, it is necessary to keep a check on the time your website takes to load.

    The websites which do not take much time to load gets a higher rand on SERPs.
    Read more here: https://indibloghub.com/what-is-domain-authority-how-da-rank-is-important-for-seo


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