How to rank a blog site on Google.

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I have a blog site. The site is It's been almost 1 year since my site opened, but the site still doesn't rank on Google. I am posting a lot of good things on the site, but it is not working. Someone please If you know how to rank the site in Google.

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  1. Dec 28th, 2020


    I see its a regional based website. You need to see targeted keywords and phrases commonly searched.

    Then write articles around it along side work on backlinks. I see DA is 5 which is very very less for a 1 yr domain.


  2. Dec 29th, 2020

    Your site is ranking already. But if you want to know which post do you want to rank then we can give you ans. If you are targeting keywords on home page then you can ask why my website is not ranking on a b c keywords.

    Research keywords for any post, use secondary keywords in tags and primary keywords in Meta title and description...use Long tail keywords in headings and content, use primary keywords in image alt tags. and create some anchor text backlinks on the primary and secondary keywords from 10 to 15.


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