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  1. Oct 15th, 2020

    Tips to improve the Domain Authority (DA) of a Website:

    Increasing the DA of your website or blog means that increasing the probability of getting a high rank on the search engines. It is challenging to increase the DA and obtain a good score. By following given points, you can improve the DA score of your website-

    1. Quality Link Building:
    It is one of the most important factors which will help you in increasing DA score. Audit your link profile and try to get as many backlinks. Also, try to get links from high-authority and quality websites as it is considered as a symbol of the trustworthy website. It will take a lot of time to increase your DA score if you are using links from low-quality websites.

    Moreover, a few free SEO tools such as SEMrush Backlink Checker, Moz's Link may help you strengthen your link profile by eliminating undesirable links.

    2. Don't forget to enhance the interlinking:
    As you know linking is creating hyperlinks in your page or post. Interlinking is linking your article to other articles of your websites, which is related to your current article. Interlinking helps the reader to click and be redirected to the other article of your website.

    Interlinking helps you to bring more organic traffic by increasing the number of page visits per user. It helps Google to crawl your website in a better way. Along with that, it increases the ranking of a particular keyword which will ultimately help you in increasing your domain authority.

    3. Create Engaging Content (Remember, Content is always the KING):
    Boosting website’s engagement is another way to improve domain authority. In order to attract more readers and organic traffic, you should post engaging and high-quality content.

    This will help you in engaging a loyal audience and in turn, rank your domain based on your content.

    4. Boost the Speed & Make sure Your Website Loads Fast:
    The speed of any website is also considered as one of the factors to get a higher rank on Google’s search engine page. Therefore, it is necessary to keep a check on the time your website takes to load.

    The websites which do not take much time to load gets a higher rand on SERPs.

    5. Social Media Marketing or SMM:
    Social Media, these days is used as the best platform to market your website and its services. Use social media to get referral traffic to your website and increase the popularity of your brand. Social media provides you a platform for branding. Proper branding provides you exposure to your content and helps you to reach a large audience.

    This is one of the best ways to reach a greater audience and rank your blog on Google’s page. Once your audience will grow, it will directly affect your domain authority.

    6. Search Engine Friendliness:
    This refers to search engine optimization as well as user-friendliness of your website. The structure of your site can directly leave an impact on its usability. Providing poor site structure will make your site difficult to navigate.

  2. Domain authority (DA) is the metric (number) to measure to importance and authority of your blog. If your blog’s Domain Authority is high, the chances of ranking are high in Search engine results page along with good legal traffic.

    The domain authority factor is not directly launched by Google. But the pages with good domain ranking have more chances for ranking first in Google.

    So here are some steps that you can follow to improve your domain authority and make your pages rank popular in Google’s first pages.

    1. SEO Factor: Definitely, SEO is the first that is to be considered for good domain authority. the SEO should be done to every page of your blog. So they get more chances in ranking the main keywords in Google. Here are the few factors - choosing domain name, perfect on-page SEO, and suitable internal-external links

    2. Creating healthy backlinks: Backlinking is another process where most of the DA comes from. The backlinking is creating links from external sources to your web pages. That is, you need to search for websites that give you external links and add your blog page links in those sites.

    3. Creating high good internal links: You should also consider the internal linking. You should have minimum internal links for every web page you create. I would also reduce along with the increase in domain authority.

    4. Remove broken links: You should always remove the broken links from your blog. We only find the broken links for links you give from your site to other sites. When the other sites broke down the link you created in your blog will no longer work and it will be a 404 error.

    5. Check and submit toxic links: The disavow links are for the backlinks you have created for your web pages. In the same way for broken links when the links created in external pages broke down you need to disavow the backlinks.

    6. Social Media Links: You should also use social media to share your blog posts. The more you share your content in social media engagement, the more will your domain authority increase.

    7. Quality content: Before doing any SEO or linking your websites, one thing you need to remember to make your website rank and get good authority is that you should add quality content in your web pages.

    8. Update content Regularly: You should update your content regularly to your web pages. When you update your blog with new content regularly, the Google bots will continuously check for updates and your ranking factor may increase.

    9. Domain Age: One should definitely have patience when dealing with DA. Even though your domain authority may increase based on many other factors like SEO, backlinking, age, and many more.

    10 Page loading time: You should also check your page loading speeds and bounce rates. Google does not encourage pages that load slowly.

    11. Mobile-friendliness: Instead of saying Mobile-Friendliness, we should definitely say Mobile Friendliness First. Yes, most of the readers that come online for your blogs are from mobile devices these days.

    One thing you need to remember for getting great domain authority is having some patience. Don’t thrive for DA and do not do things that would be unpleasing Google.

    Continuously update your blog posts with good content and make good SEO by adding media files like images and videos and do some external and internal linking for your web pages.

    When each of your pages ranks in Google, your DA will automatically increase.

    Visit: https://bloggingden.com/how-to-improve-domain-authority/



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