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  1. Jun 04th, 2020

    Email marketing can help you reach a lot of audience organically. If you have a good client base, you can send them offers.. may it be affiliate products or some of your own services.

    You should always have a lead magnet on your website to capture every visitors and then porch them later via email.

    To start email marketing,

    Create a website with good content and seo optimized.
    Include a lead capture on the website.
    Market your website to grab more audiences.
    Once you have enough list of contacts, you can start sending emails introducing your self.
    Provide value and make good relation.
    Then you can pitch for some products or services.
    Let me know if you want to learn more.

  2. Jun 04th, 2020

    Email Marketing gives you the option to interact with your customers and readers directly. Email Marketing increases your conversion rate and chances as it is a direct interaction. By building your Email list you can make a new visitor a regular reader of your blog. Bloggers are very much interested in Building an Email list. Professional bloggers also advise the newbie bloggers for making an Email List. I myself and many other bloggers, we all focus a lot on the importance of Email Marketing.

    The best part about Email marketing is that it is a targeted kind of marketing. With Facebook and other modes of marketing your campaigns can not be targeted exactly to the potential customers. Though FB gives you the option to refine your ads but email marketing is more targeted. Secondly if the person has opted for your emails on his own, then the rate of opening the emails may be high which means more chances of purchases or visits to your landing page

    Do you wish to learn more about Email marketing and how to do it? Hope this helps:--



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